Privacy Policy

About this doc

In this document we explain the processes and working practices that we are committed to. This document includes 'Usera' website, SDK and any other service we want to build in the future.

Our internal privacy rules

What we collect

Generally we store data in two categories:

Data Retention

Your data are being kept on our servers, until you request deleting them. They are being kept to show and provide data about posts to its owners anytime in the future.

Data Storage

Your data is being hosted on secure servers of Heroku which is a part of Salesforce. Check out Heroku's data storage policies on Salesforce website.

Data Protection

We are storing data in secure servers as stated in Data Storage section, and our clients communicate with the servers securely over SSL. No third party has access to collected data.

Accessing or deleting user data

To get access to your data, or to request deleting your data completely, please contact us. Upon receiving such requests, we will respond within 7 days.

Changes to this document

This document is one of the key documents of our business. Changes to this document may occur over time. You can always find the latest version of our privacy policy on We will also notify our users in other ways, such as emails, if there is a fundamental change in our policies.

Contacting us about privacy

You can contact us about your privacy concerns.

Contacting us about your data

To request accessing your data on Usera, or deleting it, you can contact us.