Test your prototypes with your app's users

Turn your existing users to test participants and conduct tests on your prototypes directly within your Mobile App.

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Introducing Usera

How it works

Step 1

Set up a user test with your prototype

Add a link to your prototype (Figma, Maze, and basically any URL) and create a test.

supports figma supports maze

Step 2

Choose where to request users for your test

Choose the best point in the user journey within your app to ask for participation in testing and target those that fit your research target audience more accurately by selecting triggers.

Step 3

View User Sessions after each participation

Screen recordings of users interacting with your prototype and performing the desired tasks will become accessible in your dashboard upon their completion.

Why use Usera?

Easily test your mobile app prototypes with your own users within your mobile app.

Save Money Save Time Save Resources

Test on your own users

Don't spend money on an out-of-context pool of participants. Instead, utilize your own user base and save money.

Recruit easily and in-the-moment

Don't waste time recruiting your users through email. Instead, recruit them using in-app prompts and save time.

Target users easily

Don't wait for your developers and analysts to filter users for you. Use no-code filters to target users directly.

Watch the whole journey

Don't just look at heatmaps and attempt to guess the reasoning behind user interactions. Instead, watch screen recordings of users' interactions.

What Usera Offers

Automatic recruiting

No need to manually recruit users. We recruit prototype test participants from your existing users.

Screen Recording + Interactions

You'll see exactly how users are interacting, where they touch on the screen, and what they do with it.

Fully remote

There is no need to waste your or your users' time, by inviting them for an in-person test. You can do it remotely.

Extremely convenient

No need to install 3rd party apps (Like Figma Prototype Mirror Share). Show prototypes inside your existing app.

Realistic tests

Instead of conducting tests in an isolated environment, let them do the tasks wherever they are.

Instant results

As each user participates in the test, you can see exactly how they are interacting with your prototype and what is working and what is not.

usera - Usability Testing within your app on your real users | Product Hunt


We support Figma, adobe XD, InVision, Sketch, Miro, Framer, Marvel, ProtoPie, Justinmind, Axure, Webflow, ... and basically any platform that can generate a URL for your prototypes.

Usera will be added to your native app (iOS, Android) through our SDK. It empowers you to load Figma prototypes within your app and conduct prototype testing on your real users. Watch their screen record in your panel.

Yes, you can use Maze, Useberry, UsabilityHub, or any other usability test builders, import their URLs in the Usera and start recruiting users and conducting tests within your app.

The test shows in a new window inside your app alongside minimal control buttons for users to be able to start and stop recording video and the screen.

Results of the test show up after each user finishes the test.

Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time.

You can start with our free plan and use our service, then if you wanted more, choose one of our affordable plans based on your needs. Check out pricing page for more details.